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Chongqing Machinery & Electronics Holding (Group) Co. Ltd. (CME) is a state-owned holding group corporation organized by Chongqing Municipal Government after the revocation of the previous Mechanical Industry Management Bureau, the Electronics Industry Management Bureau and the Metallurgical Industry Management Bureau in August, 2008. CME is an investment organization authorized by Chongqing State Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission to manage state owned assets. Chongqing Heavy Vehicle Group Co. Ltd. merged into CME in 2004. CME now directly manages 31 enterprises, 131 subsidiaries, holding an H-share listed company and sharing an A-share listed company.
1. CME Business Sector
CME’s business ranges over fields of high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, transportation equipment, basic manufacturing & materials, and equipment manufacturing service industry, etc. The total assets of CME reached 63.48 billion Yuan in 2017, realized the business revenue of 57.87 billion Yuan, total profit of 2.55 billion Yuan.
CME owns 2 national-level Technology Centers and 24 city-level Technology Centers; 1 China Famous Brand product and 41 Chongqing Famous Brand products; and 4 Famous Trademarks of China. CME has developed various series of products with excellent quality enjoying high reputation both at home and abroad, including Cummins high-powered engines, ABB large high-voltage transformers, refrigeration equipment, hydro-electric power generating equipment, nuclear power station equipment, CNC machine tools, heavy commercial vehicles, automotive transmission, high-grade precision and advanced national defensive electronic equipment, communication equipment, natural gas station & sewage treatment equipment complex, nonferrous metals smelting, and wires & cables, etc.
2. CME International Expansion
Chongqing Machinery & Electrics Co. Ltd. (CQME) under CME listed in Hong Kong in 2008. In 2010, CME acquired 6 companies under Precision Technology Group UK (PTG) to build an overseas platform of innovation, marketing and investment. Since then, PTG has won the “Inward Investment Awards” of UKTI twice. In 2012, CME acquired the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation and launched a series of strategic development plan of emerging industries in Chongqing, including the general aviation manufacturing industry, general aviation business, and general aviation service, etc. In 2014, CME processed the military industry resource consolidation and established Chongqing Military Industries Group Co. Ltd. In the same year, CME set up a JV, Chongqing Robot Co. Ltd., and started to wade into the robotics industry. In 2017, CQME has finished the share acquisition and capital increase in an Italian power station design and construction company, called Water Gen Power (WGP). CQME has now been accounted for 49% of the total share of WGP and this successful acquisition has enabled CME to access to better resources and markets, which also realize the “European Technologies” into “Chinese Manufacturing”.
3. CME Brand and Vision
CME has been ranking among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and Top 500 Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises for years, and has been awarded the prizes like “Outstanding Enterprise of Integrity in China” and “Honored Equipment Enterprise in China”, etc.
CME is actively implementing the new “321” strategy (3 key areas: to pursue excellence in the existing industries, to develop new industries, and to keep on innovating; 1 vision: to realize Equipping China & Going Global)


7th March 2014— Chongqing Military Industry Group founded

10th March 2010—CME’s 1st M&A abroad and acquired 100% shares of 6 subsidiaries under Precision Technology Group (PTG) in UK

13th June 2008—CQME listed in Hong Kong United Assets and Equity Exchange

27th July 2007—Chongqing Machinery & Electric Co. Ltd. founded (CQME)

2005—CME listed among the Top 500 Enterprises in China

November 2004— Chongqing Heavy Vehicle (Group) Co. Ltd. incorporated into CME

2003—CME starts to make profit

28th August 2000—CME Established


As the largest equipment manufacturer in Western China, CME has won numerous honors thanks to the rising of its core competitiveness and social influence by constant innovation on technology, management and culture. CME has been awarded “High-integrity Enterprise”, “National Outstanding Enterprise in Machinery Industry”, “Chongqing High-integrity Enterprise”, “Chongqing Outstanding Enterprise” and “Chongqing’s most-influential Enterprise” etc., and has been listed among China’s Top 500 Enterprises for consecutive years. Guided by the new “321” strategy, CME is marching forward intrepidly to realize the dream of “Happy CME, Equipping the World”.







CME now has 2 state-level and 23 municipal-level Technology Centers, 6 municipal-level Engineering (Technology) Research Centers, 1 Academician Research Center, 2 Post-doctoral Research Centers, 1 Chongqing “ Liangjiang Scholar” , 1 European Innovation Center, 1 European Machine Tool R&D Center and 3 CNAS Laboratories. More than 10 projects and products have been granted “Science and Technology Awards” from the state and municipal level. CME also owns 1 China Top Brand, 44 Chongqing Top Brands and 4 China Famous Brands.






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